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People want to be Seen, Heard and Understood.

Giving people a "safe space" to be seen, heard and understood is more than just important. It allows them to hear themselves and their thoughts, in an environment that is non-judgemental and encourages external thought. 

For me, having that environment with my coach has been a centre piece of my growth and self awareness. Life presents us all with challenges, and it is okay to ask for help in those moments. I understand that asking for that help is challenging, let alone accepting it. That is why my approach to exploring your intersections with you is one that is welcoming, authentic and selfless.


I want those that I work with, to win. I want to help people in the same way that my coach helps me. I want to help you define what it is that you want, and work with you to gain clarity around what that will take. I want you to live to your capacity, through your values and I look forward to the opportunity to do that with you.


Best Always,

Kav Salh  

Founder of Stride Leadership